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who we are

Adams of Scot is lead by Melissa and Bud Adams. We’re on a mission to build a network, filling it with like-minded individuals focused on creating a life full of health, wealth and prosperity. We share our story with others to inspire them to join our network. If you found this page, you’re on the right path, welcome!

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what makes us special



Health is our most valuable asset, for without health, one cannot live to experience the riches created. Adams of Scot puts health first, through fueling our bodies with the best nutrition, increasing personal activity, and exercising mental clarity and focus. We treat health as a mindset – always working to be better.



Wealth comes in all shapes and sizes – to be defined by each of us and on different scales. It not only measures what we have, but also our ability to give back. Adams of Scot seeks to achieve wealth on many levels creating the endless opportunity to do whatever we choose, whenever we choose.



Prosperity simply means to have wealth and success. As a pillar of Adams of Scot, we seek prosperity for ourselves and others, for it is the success of others that creates the success within us. We have a knowledge and choose to spread this knowledge to enable others to begin to live the life they want—on their terms.

You Are Not Alone

our community

Adams of Scot is a team of leaders, each individually building towards financial freedom through our values of health, wealth and prosperity. Though we may be at different stages of the process or have a different path, we all share the same vision.

Collectively, we choose to no longer work for money, but allow our money to work for us. While living healthy lifestyles, we create various opportunities to build on-going, residual income and wealth through increased positive cash flow.

We are like-minded because we share a base knowledge of principals allowing us to work as a team, encourage as a team, support as a team and prosper as a team.

Our community is always growing—and the best part is, to start, all you need is passion.

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We are a team of leaders from all over the United States, though we can be anywhere in the world at any given time.  Connect with us now, and join the movement to create health, wealth and prosperity.

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